I wasn’t in the greatest mood earlier when I came across this pink envelope that said “Read Me!” It wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular, so I decided to open it. Inside, I found an anonymous card with some lovely words of encouragement.

"Hello Friend,

You may not know me and you might have just picked this up out of pure curiosity, but I am sure that you can use some words of encouragement at this moment. We all do from time to time. Sometimes we are the ones who create barriers for ourselves. I want you to know that you are stronger than you think and I believe in you. That goal you have set for yourself is achievable. Don’t let anyone else bring you down. It’s okay to feel burned out and it’s okay to feel stressed - these things make us human. Allow yourself to feel but also allow yourself to enjoy this journey you are on. Give yourself credit and remember that although we may never cross paths I will be rooting for you. You are great, you are awesome, you are admirable.

Sealed with love,
Your #1 Fan”

Given that today is Ash Wednesday, I presume this was one of many random acts of kindness from my “#1 Fan” for the next 40 days. Although I cannot thank this person personally, I will be sure to pay it forward. The very least I can do is share this beautiful action with as many people as I can.

Thank you so so much for making my day!